FACT OR MYTH: Hydrogen peroxide can cure cancer, AIDS, and other chronic diseases

This is a MYTH

And even worse, Hydrogen Peroxide is harmful, or even fatal if injected or swallowed

Some folk medicine practitioners suggest utilizing hydrogen peroxide to cure illnessand a few retailers have been promoting it.
They recommend using hydrogen peroxide by swallowing , inhaling , injecting , or applying it externally or even rectally . They claim that hydrogen peroxide cures most cancers, bronchial asthma, emphysema, AIDS, arthritis, coronary heart illness, MS , and even Alzheimer’s …however there’s no proof to support them.
Their idea is that hydrogen peroxide saturate cells with oxygen and will improve the body’s ways to combat illness. Some imagine that most cancer cells flourish in low-oxygen environments…and that hydrogen peroxide will increase cellular energy, produces antioxidants, and enhances the immune system.
People dilute 35% food-grade hydrogen peroxide with distilled water to create a 3% liquid for inhaling or ingesting. For injections, practitioners dilute hydrogen peroxide with glucose or saline solutions.
Consuming hydrogen peroxide will possibly result in poisonings, chemical burns, respiratory paralysis, and death. Injecting it might form oxygen bubbles in the blood that interrupt the blood stream and may result in death.

Hydrogen peroxide should be only used for external wound care, oral rinsing, or earwax removing.

Ingesting it isn’t confirmed to help and can be harmful.

Please contact your provincial or territorial poisoning agency for all poisoning emergencies. 

Read More:

Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease RegistryMedical Management Guidelines for Hydrogen Peroxide

Pubmed :Questionable methods of cancer management: hydrogen peroxide and other ‘hyperoxygenation’ therapies.


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